Benefits of GoAbroad HQ


Global Program Management

Global universities, volunteer organizations, study and intern abroad programs, language schools, adventure travel outfitters, English teacher recruiters - GoAbroad HQ was designed for your organization. Revolutionize your customer relationship management with a tool that speaks your language.

Enhanced Relationships

Build high quality relationships with your target institutions, contacts, and partners. GoAbroad HQ provides you with centralized data and easy-to-use tools that allow you to manage professional contacts, automate communication, and organize your institutional contacts.

Cost Effective Pricing Model 

Our pricing structure was created with your bottom line in mind. Tiers are determined by your annual volume of participants rather than number of users on your team. As you increase your numbers, your database grows with you!

Increased  Team  Productivity

Use our automated communication tools to save your organization valuable time. Your elevated efficiency will boost your staff productivity, your potential customers’ satisfaction, and your business revenue.


Integrated Risk Management

Accessible from anywhere, GoAbroad HQ allows you to collect and store critical risk management data points that are vital to your security. Your data is protected on HIPPA-compliant servers with hourly backups & customizable permission levels.

Improved Participant Experience

With GoAbroad HQ, you will have fewer missed deadlines from lost paperwork and more satisfied participants from streamlined communication. This means more time for participants to be excited instead of stressed before traveling abroad.



We're very excited by it as it "fits" us perfectly. We had looked at other products outside of our industry (i.e., Salesforce, Soffront, etc) but they needed a ton of customization. The GoAbroad HQ team laid out a very clear process for us and have even helped us to manipulate the data that we have pulled so that it is easier to import into HQ. We have had a series of trainings for the various teams. I'm confident that it's going to increase efficiency and help us continue to grow.

-HQ Client


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